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The Challenge

Digital transformation is about accessing data and further utilising cloud computing for contextualisation and deeper analysis. In industry, this means introducing the integration of two very different environments with different focus; Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT). IT enables digital transformation, but introduces a significant increase of attack vectors for OT. Cognite is world leading on the data liberation front, but in order to succeed with the industrial revolution, the closed loop vision, we need to solve the operational safety & security challenges. Industrial digital transformation will not succeed unless it is built on a safe and secure foundation.

The position

In order to protect employees, services, and industrial customers from advanced and emerging threats, the Analysis and Research team is focusing on areas including threats, vulnerabilities, software and systems security, and emerging technologies. The team identifies opportunities and validates solutions to enable new and additional insights based on analysis of internal and external source material and signals.

As a member of the Cognite Security Analysis and Research you will have the opportunity to work in a team with a wide variety of experience like software development, cloud infrastructure, ICS risk & safety research and ICS security. You will be part of enabling global companies to be more sustainable through digital transformation and the opportunities in the digital economy.

Job Responsibilities
  • Develop security and safety solutions needed to ensure a secure industrial digitalisation, and a deliverance of high data integrity from ICS to our platform CDF
  • Innovate and develop security products and solutions for Operational Technology (OT) that support a holistic overview of resilience and posture, increase systems insights, and overall detection capabilities.

We Look For Someone With Experience Or Knowledge In
  • Information security
  • Software development. We use Go, Rust and Javascript
  • Kubernetes and containers
  • Agile development process
  • Some of these should also apply to you:
  • Interest in open source and cloud-native technologies.
  • Experience with cloud security (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web Services).
  • Understanding of CI/CD automation principles
  • Experience with machine learning
  • Network communication fundamentals
  • Ability to write readable and maintainable code
  • Good analytical skills
  • An innovative mindset
  • Great cooperation and networking skills
Why should you work for Cognite?
  • Gain the opportunity to shape the role and the freedom to flex your skills.
  • Make a real impact in one of the most exciting and fastest-growing new software companies in the world.
  • Receive competitive salary and benefits including a pension plan, insurance, parental benefits, and more
  • Gain perks like a paid mobile telephone subscription and broadband connection.
  • Get access to extended private health services and free health checks.
  • Receive a subsidized lunch at the canteen, with a number of tasty food options.
  • Stay fueled between meals with free snacks and drinks throughout the day.
  • Stay in shape with a free membership to our fully-staffed gym.
  • Bond with your teammates with your favorite hobby, whether it’s through our book club, game nights, team sports activities, or regular Cognite social events.
  • We’ll help to relocate you to Norway!
  • Free online Norwegian courses
Equal Opportunity

Cognite is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment at work and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive the same level of consideration for employment; everyone we hire will receive the same level of consideration for training, compensation, and promotion.

We ask for gender as part of our application because we want to ensure equal assessment in the recruitment process. Your answer will help us reach this commitment! However, the question about gender is optional and your choice not to answer will not affect the assessment of your application in any way.

Cognite is a global industrial SaaS company that was established with one clear vision: to rapidly empower industrial companies with contextualized, trustworthy, and accessible data to help drive the full-scale digital transformation of asset-heavy industries around the world. Our core Industrial DataOps platform, Cognite Data Fusion™, enables industrial data and domain users to collaborate quickly and safely to develop, operationalize, and scale industrial AI solutions and applications to deliver both profitability and sustainability. Visit us at www.cognite.com and follow us on Twitter @CogniteData or LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cognitedata
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