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Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver have both failed. Do you love configurations and want to make our CRM system a recipe for success?

Imagine what a sales team would be like without a well-functioning CRM system? Unorganized, lack of customer relationship, no control and reports. Recipe for disaster? Yeah, definitely.

Easee is growing and we are now looking for a CRM specialist for our sales team. This is a hands-on role, where you get the opportunity to be the driving force that makes the wheels go effortlessly. To thrive in this role, we think passion and collaboration are key, and therefore hope you are a great relationship builder that also likes to get into the nitty-gritty.

We would love to have a dedicated CRM Specialist to help us reach the next level in customer relationship management. In order to do so you sometimes follow a recipe, and sometimes the best result comes from improvising. As our CRM Specialist, you will be responsible for creating the perfect recipe and configurations for our Salesforce. Making sure that we are up to date and have the right tools to juggle Easee´s customers and basically making our CRM system an ingredient for our success.

First things first - here´s our recipe to succeed working in Easee:

1. Ownership

Together with the team you take extreme ownership of configurations regarding our CRM system and make sure it always functions optimally.

2. New challenges

We are growing at super speed, and the organization is always changing. So be ready to make changes and take on new challenges when they come your way.

3. Appreciation

We see that you have a big curiosity and thrive with exploring the unknown and new ways of working with CRM. Asking questions like, Why, How, What, When - That’s music to our ears.

4. Flexibility

As our CRM Specialist, you will probably find it most useful to spend a big chunk of your time at the office. But at Easee we do what we can to make sure that you can work where and when you´re at your best.

5. Company Culture

Our company culture means a great deal to us, and it is important that you see and feel it too. Putting people first, breathing our values and walking the talk is a great place to start.

Secondly, what ingredients do you have to work with?

  • As smoothly as a red and juicy tomato becomes ketchup; you need to implement changes and improvements by doing configurations in our CRM system.
  • Just like broccoli is good for our health; you need to be a sparring partner on analyzing, strategy, and design for the sales team.
  • A lemon can sometimes be the make or break; you will execute configuration and testing along the way.
  • A carrot can bring taste and color to any dish; you will contribute to the training of people to use the CRM system and be a part of coloring the documentation related to changes.

Thirdly, you should have the following in your toolbox:

  • We would love it if you had a minimum of 3-5 years of relevant experience with CRM systems (a big plus if you are known to Salesforce). Or you have experience as a “super user” with technical background and knowledge of how to do configurations.
  • You might have an education in IT or similar technical courses, but you may also have acquired the skills from your professional experience.
  • As a person you’re structured, love solving problems and you don’t mind being in an environment where things can change quickly.

Easee is setting an example of what a sustainable organization and people-focused business culture can be. One where values and people come first. But there are many ways to achieve success. It doesn’t matter if you’re the type who likes to follow recipes step-by-step or likes to improvise. What’s most important is that you believe in yourself. Because Easee is not for everyone. To be the right specialist for our CRM system you must understand, recognize, and want to work for the vision and goals of Easee. This means that you commit to working to become the best version of yourself.

Are you the right specialist to juggle this recipe for success?

So, who are we? And what do we want to accomplish?

Easee’s vision is to shape the future of electricity and business culture. We will shape the future of electricity by developing a smart and user-friendly ecosystem for energy distribution and at the same time create a business culture that is inspirational and sustainable. We want to revolutionize the way we do business by putting people first and by proving that respect, love, honesty, and trust are more than decals on our office walls – it’s who we are and who we work every day to remain. Our ambitions further lie in becoming one of the largest companies in green technology in Europe within 2026, and one of the largest in the world within 2031. We design, develop and produce our products in Scandinavia and export them to 17 countries – with many more to come.

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Deadline: 10-10-2023

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